Who Will Be the 2019-20 NFL MVP - Predictions and Odds

At the end of every season, Associated Press writers decide which NFL athlete was the most valuable to not only his team, but the league in general, and here we go over some of the top candidates for that MVP honor in 2019, as well as the odds and predictions associated with each.

NBA Summer League Surprises and Disappointments: Odds & Predictions

The 2019 NBA Summer League has come to a close and the first and second teams have been named. These are the future of the NBA, but the Summer League never ends without some clear excitement and real disappointment. Take a look into how these young stars will affect their future teams!

Super Bowl LIV Winner: Top Ten Odds and Predictions

One of the most popular bets of the NFL offseason is on which team will win the next Super Bowl, so we examine the odds and predictions of the top ten professional football franchises that odds makers expect to contend for the Lombardi Trophy next February.

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