The Cleveland Browns' Biggest 2019 Offseason Moves - Odds and Predictions

One of the more exciting team turnarounds in the NFL belongs to the Cleveland Browns, who through some crafty draft picks last season and some even cleverer free agency signings this offseason have created a roster that looks competitive enough to make it to the postseason after over a decade and a half of missing the mark, and we take a look at their moves and the odds and predictions of their 2019-20 season.

Top 10 Running Backs Selected in the 2019 NFL Draft - Odds and Predictions

Football experts are predicting that quite a few defensive players and quarterbacks will be drafted early in the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft, so it is anyone’s bet when the first running back will be selected, and here we list the odds and predictions of who that honor might go to this season.

The Los Angeles Rams' Biggest Offseason Moves - 2019 Odds and Predictions

Looks like the 2019-20 Los Angeles Rams are once again serious about using their offseason to maintain the depth of their already deep roster, and with the healthy return of their star slot receiver and despite the arthritic rumors regarding their star running back, the team looks to repeat their mostly-successful 2018 run, and here we look at their moves and the odds and predictions of their 2019-20 season.

The New Orleans Saints' Biggest Off-Season Moves - 2019 Odds and Predictions

When it comes to the NFC, the New Orleans Saints are one of two teams that football fans think are capable of giving the Patriots or the Chiefs a run for their money in the Big Game, and from the looks of their use of the free agency market they are ready to give it another go, and we examine their moves and the odds and predictions of their 2019-20 postseason.

The New England Patriots' Biggest Offseason Moves - 2019 Odds and Predictions

The New England Patriots win so much that it’s starting to tick people off, especially given that they assemble their roster with the same salary cap as the rest of the NFL, but somehow the Patriots always manage to find the hidden, inexpensive gems in the huge pile of free agent and draft talent, so we take a look at their biggest offseason moves, their current needs and the odds and predictions of their 2019 postseason.

The Kansas City Chiefs: Biggest Offseason Moves - 2019 Postseason Odds and Predictions

Of course, there’s no way to tell who will win the next Super Bowl, but the oddsmakers have a pretty good idea it could be the Kansas City Chiefs next season, and so we take a look at some of the offseason moves the Chiefs have made as well as the odds and predictions of their 2019-20 postseason success, and spoiler alert: these guys are good. Again.

NFL Makes Pass Interference Calls and No-Calls Reviewable in 2019 - Week 1 Odds and Predictions

For far too long, NFL fans have had to endure referees blowing pass interference calls (or missing them completely) due to human error, but that’s all about to change in 2019 now that team owners have made those type of plays reviewable, and we look at how that came about, plus the odds and predictions of how many pass interference calls will be overturned during Week 1 of the next season.

Undersized Slot Receiver Adam Humphries Goes Long-Term With The Tennessee Titans 2019 - Odds & Predictions

After four years of making very little money as an NFL slot receiver and kick returner for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Adam Humphries has just landed a long-term deal with the Tennessee Titans and will team up with quarterback Marcus Mariota to hopefully solve their third-down conversion shortage, and we tell his story and look at the odds and predictions of his 2019 production.

Former Eagles Backup QB Nick Foles Now Jaguars Starter, 2019 - Odds and Predictions

Super Bowl MVP quarterback Nick Foles has traveled between three NFL franchises playing the role of the backup who can be counted on, especially in the postseason, but now he’s become the Jacksonville Jaguars’ starter in 2019, and here we examine his journey, including the odds and predictions of his possible season totals.

Cameron Wake Will Now Sack NFL Quarterbacks For Tennessee, 2019 - Odds and Predictions

Nobody has proved they’ve wanted to play in the NFL more than outside linebacker Cameron Wake, whose journey from being undrafted and left to scramble in the CFL to an impressive ten-season run with the Miami Dolphins has led to a new contract with the Tennessee Titans and here we uncover his wild ride as well as go over the odds and predictions of his 2019 sack total.

Slot Receiver Cole Beasley Added To Buffalo Bills’ Improved Air Attack, plus his 2019 Output - Odds & Predictions

After seven seasons of playing slot receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, Cole Beasley has found himself a new home in Buffalo and hopes to become the go-to target for second-year quarterback Josh Allen, who led a Bills passing attack ranked second-to-last in the league last season, as we also take a look at the odds and predictions of Beasley’s potential 2019 production.

Za'Darius Smith Scores Big and Retires Mom Right Away - 2019 Odds And Predictions

In a tale that almost seems made up, outside linebacker Za’Darius Smith went from being a hopeless high school basketball recruit to scoring one of the biggest free agency deals of the NFL offseason with the Green Bay Packers, and we take a look at how Smith made it happen and then asked his mother to retire, along with the odds and predictions of his 2019 sack total.

NFL Running Back Latavius Murray's 2019 Output With New Orleans Saints - Odds and Predictions

Running back Latavius Murray is about to start his sixth NFL season with his third franchise, having already ended his three years with the Oakland Raiders and his most recent two years with the Minnesota Vikings, and now with the New Orleans Saints he’ll (once again and to his dismay) perform mainly as backup on the roster to a younger, faster star, and we examine his story along with the odds that have been released on his 2019 output.

Philadelphia Eagles New/Old Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson's 2019 Production - Odds and Predictions

It took five years of being apart for the Philadelphia Eagles to finally bring back the deep threat receiver they originally drafted in 2008, Pro Bowler DeSean Jackson, who seems to still have his lightning speed at thirty-two years old, and we unfold his journey away from and back to the city of brotherly love, and we examine the odds and predictions of his 2019 output.

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