Top NHL Division Rivalries to Watch in 2020

Rivalries have been in the bloodwork of the NHL since its conception. Original six battles raged in the early years. The Toronto Maple Leafs vs the Detroit Red Wings. The Boston Bruins vs the Montreal Canadiens. As the league expanded, new rivalries were born - whether it be out of location, competitive skill, the media, or some form of controversy. The Toronto Maple Leafs vs the Ottawa Senators. The Pittsburgh Penguins vs the Philadelphia Flyers. Now with 31 teams (and a 32nd set to be added in 2021), new rivalries are born every season. With the restructuring of the league’s divisions mean some of these rivalries face each other more than ever before. Here we will take a closer look at the NHL’s four biggest rivalries to watch in each division heading into the 2020 season and who is more likely to come out on top.

Around the League - Recapping this week's NHL headlines - Week 7

It was a big week for on and off the ice news. Trades that were good for business took place. Massive, long-term contracts were signed. Players have retired and head offices made changes. The city of Calgary has approved a new arena for the Flames and their future division rivals from Seattle hope to have a name and image by next year. Also, oddsmakers have released new odds. Read on to see which teams have the best chance of winning a Stanley Cup within the next three years as well as all the other headlines from the world of hockey.

Around the League - Recapping This Week's NHL Headlines - Week 6

We are six weeks into the NHL offseason and the news continues. Many players have reached new deals with their existing clubs, allowing both sides to avoid arbitration hearings. An interesting trade was made this week that allows a team to alleviate some salary cap space and the St. Louis Blues have signed a new assistant coach. Also, be sure to check out which teams the oddsmakers have named the favorites to win their division and what this season’s over/under favorite for the Stanley Cup is listed as.

The Battle of Ontario: Mystique Lost or Rivalry Rebirth?

It’s been a rocky road for Ontario’s two teams over the past ten years. Both have seen successes and failures and both have been experiencing rebuilding phases. Seemingly gone are the glory days from 1995 to 2005, when the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators would hit the ice with such fury, exchanging incredible goals, big saves, huge hits, and verbal insults. The action was so fierce and personal that even fans of other teams couldn’t help but get excited about these matchups. But has the Battle of Ontario run its course? Over the last few seasons, the rivalry has been more stagnant than ever before. As one team does well, the other starts to falter. But with the events of this year’s off-season, could signs be pointing to this rivalry gaining new life? Could the Battle of Ontario rage on or have we seen everything this rivalry has to offer?

NHL Rivals: One-on-one Matchups to Watch This Season

Rivalries are a part of all sports. Whether it be team against team or player against player, certain matchups are circled on sports fans’ calendars and awaited with great anticipation. Some player rivalries start from the beginning of their careers on draft day, with hockey analysts comparing two new players as they enter the league. Some rivalries are born out of actual on-ice animosity - be it from a big hit that may have lead to an injury, a move of finesse leading to embarrassment, or whatever the case may be. Here we will look at the most interesting, entertaining, and skillful one-on-one matchups heading into the 2020 NHL season. The league’s 103rd season will begin on October 2, 2019.

Battle of Alberta Rivals Trade Hefty Contracts

Both coming off of their weakest seasons in years, James Neal and Milan Lucic have been traded in exchange for each other between provincial rivals the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers. Both forwards had signed lucrative, long-term contracts with their respective teams but neither ended up living up to the standard expected of them. However, both players seem confident that the change of scenery to could breathe new life into their careers.

Around the League Week 5 - Recapping this week's NHL headlines

The NHL is in the fifth week of its offseason and the headlines keep coming. Trades have been made and contracts have been signed as we continue to inch closer to the 2020 season. We also look at the signing of Ron Francis as the first general manager in team history as the latest expansion team from Seattle has started to put their head office together.

Around the League Week 4: Recapping This Week's NHL Headlines

One week removed from July 1 and the opening of the free agent signing period, the NHL and its teams have not slowed down. Many of the remaining top free agents available have now been signed, coaches have reached new deals, players have retired, and arbitration hearings loom around the corner. The landscape of the league’s 31 teams are already looking a lot different than they did only weeks ago and WSN is here to keep you in the loop of all the roster and head office changes happening across the NHL.

Around the League NHL Week 3: Trades, Signings, and Buyouts

We are three week’s into the NHL’s off-season but in no way has the league slowed down. looks at all of the latest trades, signings, buyouts, and all other major headlines in this weekly recap. The league is bustling with player movement as the league heads into the official free agency signing period. Stay tuned for our coverage of all of the first-day signing of free agent frenzy coming soon!

2019 NHL Free Agent Frenzy: What happened on day one?

Things took off as soon as the clock struck 12PM EST. The gates were opened and players were snatched up from all over the league - with many of the most notable names being signed within the first 30 minutes of free agency. Here WSN recaps the most intriguing signings from day one of free agency and what these signing mean to their new, respective teams.

Around the League: Recapping this week's NHL headlines – June 28

The NHL is two weeks into their off-season but that hasn't slowed down the news. WSN recaps all of the headlines from around the league, covering everything from trades and signings to waiver placements and head office changes. We'll also recap the highlights of the first round of this year's NHL entry draft and all other significant headlines that may affect all bets moving forward.

Roberto Luongo Announces Retirement from NHL

Veteran goaltender Roberto Luongo has called it a career after 19 NHL seasons. Luongo took to Twitter yesterday to announce his retirement from the game of hockey at the age of 40. With such big pads to fill, what’s next for the Florida Panthers?

Tampa Bay Lightning remain Stanley Cup favorites heading into 2020

With the 2019 NHL season officially in the books following the St. Louis Blues first-ever Stanley Cup win, the first official odds looking forward to the 2020 season have been released - and once again the Tampa Bay Lightning find themselves as the Stanley Cup favorites. Read on for a more in-depth look at the odds for all 31 NHL teams.

Around the League - Recapping this week’s NHL headlines

In this weekly recap, WSN will look at all of the latest trades and roster changes from around the NHL as well as coaching changes, contract extensions, waiver placements, and all other significant headlines. Every change affects the odds and we’re here to keep you in the loop on everything that you need to know.

2019 NHL Entry Draft - Who Will Go First? Odds and Predictions

The New Jersey Devils possess the first-overall draft pick and most pundits agree that it will be used to select the Jack Hughes of the USHL and US National U18 Team. Here we will take a closer look at the top-5 best available prospects in this year’s draft and which team you could potentially see them playing for. The 2019 NHL entry draft begins on Friday, June 21 and ends on Saturday, June 22. The event will be held at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It will be aired live on Sportsnet, TVAS, and NBC Sports at 8 PM EDT.

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